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  • Evolutionary Dogma or ACTUAL DATA?

    Evolutionary Dogma or ACTUAL DATA?

    Worldwide measurements of continental erosion negate the evolutionary contention of millions of years of Earth’s fossil record....

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  • Time Illusion of Evolution

    Time Illusion of Evolution

    Is the Earth really billions of years old. What would happen to the theory of evolution if “deep time” is...

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  • Creation Science Displaces Evolution

    Creation Science Displaces Evolution

    WARNING: Atheist / Evolutionist watch at your own risk!...

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  • The Miracle of Christmas

    The Miracle of Christmas

    A fascinating account of the birth of Jesus Christ from the revelation of the Old and New Testament scripture. Includes...

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  • All Creation Speaks

    All Creation Speaks

    Scientific evidence which refutes the theory of evolution includes: No known naturalistic mechanism for origin of life; Laws of thermodynamics;...

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  • Science & the Bible

    Science & the Bible

    Scientific evidence which supports the biblical record of creation includes: The fossil record records stasis and not evolutionary progression. A...

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  • The Creation Revelation

    The Creation Revelation

    Why the scientific method can not provide an explanation for the origin of the universe. The opening chapter of the...

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  • Relevance of Genesis

    Relevance of Genesis

    Genesis is the foundation of the Christian gospel. This is why Jesus said “if you do not believe the writings...

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  • Genesis Gap Interview on TBN

    Genesis Gap Interview on TBN

    Join Sal and Pam as they talk about the Genesis Gap Theory on TBN....

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