Who We Are

Sal&Pam  Founders & Origins:

New Creation Ministries, Inc was founded in 1980 by Sal and Pam Giardina as a Non-Profit Teaching Ministry. We have IRS 501(c)(3) designation.

Our Mission:

Sal & Pam are Spirit filled Christians who have been teaching for over 30 years.

“… concerning the Word of Life” (1 John 1:1)

Our Ministry is a testimony to the Truth and Integrity of God’s eternal Word.

Our Venue:

“… freely you received, freely give.” (Mat 10:8)

NCM is provided on a donation basis to: Churches, youth, collage & career, campus groups, community centers. Providing answers to questions regarding the fossil record, so-called evolution of man, age of the Earth, Genesis account of creation… All of these areas can be addressed to show that the True facts of science are always in agreement with scripture. These are not “side” issues as they directly impact people’s perceptions of the integrity of God’s Word.


Our government, education and the scientific community at large has convinced millions of people that the bible in no longer reliable or relevant in our “modern” society.

This is primarily being accomplished by discrediting the foundation of the Gospel which is found in Genesis.

The false theories of biologic evolution and long ages of the Earth have caused confusion even among multitudes of Christians. God is setting the record straight, however, by raising up many Christians who are scientists and can explain the complete fallacy of the World’s agenda. (Prov 18:17)

As an ordained minister, myself, I have been teaching on the subject of science – creation – and the bible for many years.
Our multi media Power Point presentations show that God’s creation account in Genesis is in fact not refuted in any way by the true facts of science. Genesis stands, as Jesus Himself endorsed, as the foundation of the Gospel. (Luke 16:31) You may view samples of our presentations on this website.


Ordained Christian Minister

  • Faith Christian Fellowship
  • Living Word Bible Church


  • Professional background in Engineering and Applied Earth Sciences.
  • B.S. Mechanical Engineering
  • M.S. Geology
  • Air Transport Pilot
  • Former Registered Professional Geology Consultant – State of AZ.

University Instructor / Curriculum Developer

  • Instructed Undergraduate geology courses at Syracuse University and Wayland Baptist University at Luke AFB.
  • Author of 4th thru 12th Grade Science Curriculum
  • Ground School aircraft systems instructor for professional pilots
  • Developed web based on-line training programs (approved by FAA)
  • Boeing Aircraft Flight Instructor


  • “In The Beginning… God or Dirt?”
  • Eight professional publications in engineering geology
  • Author / Co-author of more than 20 technical reports for industry, private firms, and U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Agency

Scientist Astronaut Candidate:

Selected by NASA for 5 days of interviews @ LBJ Space Center out of 8500 initial candidates