Life or Dirt?

The Impassible Gulf Between Dirt & Life

HOW MUCH DIFFERENCE is there between the inanimate chemicals of DIRT
and the self replicating biologic factory of the simplest cell – LIFE?

Think about the photo above, that pile of dirt sitting on a launch gantry. The chasim between DIRT & LIFE is unbridgeable and uncrossable by any NATURAL means. It is analagous to launching that pile of dirt into a sustainable orbit around the Earth.

Contrary to popular belief, NO SCIENTIST has ever figured out how it could be done or how it may have happened. All attempts to convince you otherwise is purely imagination and not empiracal science. Note that in this picture there is no launch vehicle in sight. The anti-Christ spirit of the world is trying its best to convince multitudes that DIRT “somehow” became LIFE but there is no Saturn 5 rocket- no explanation-nor any demonstration of a biological mechanism which could launch DIRT into its journey of LIFE.

Neither Darwinian evolution nor any evolutionary scenario can bridge the infinite gap between raw chemicals and the complex cell factory which is the building blocks of all life. That is why it takes much, much less FAITH to believe:

In the Beginning …GOD
In The Beginning …DIRT

Of course Jesus Christ, the Creator, gave you the choice to believe what you want. But if you choose to believe that life arose from ETERNAL DIRT don’t think that science can back you up.

You will not find anywhere in the world of scientific publications a demonstration, plausible scientific evidence or research to support the hypothetical staring point of the evolutionary chain of LIFE from NON-LIFE.