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(condensed from book “God or Dirt”)
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Jesus Christ before Pilate…

“for this reason I have come into the world.. to bear witness to the TRUTH”.

The update which follows may not be considered politically correct, popular, or newsworthy and could be somewhat disconcerting or possibly even disturbing.

You will not find this information in popular magazines, on the 6 o’clock news, in newspapers or even in school text books. It simply doesn’t make for “good press”


Because it represents the antithesis of evolutionary dogma which is being promoted everyday- everywhere as factual.

Support for this information is available, however, in the Bible as well as professional scientific publications, creation science journals and related books.

The anticipated near future:
Brief summary from the viewpoint of the collective thinking of the evolutionary establishment. The entire monument of Darwinian evolution rests on a single faith based foundation:

The human race is simply an end product of accumulated mutations which have been sorted out over time by the omnipotent power of natural selection.


If you were to take the time to Google “the future of Homo sapiens”, your computer would be flooded with numerous speculative pseudo-scientific articles by evolutionary scientists and prognosticators. These dissertations attempt to prophesy the direction and future condition of the human race.

For example: Scientific American Dec 2008
The Future of Man–How Will Evolution Change Humans?
Contrary to popular belief, humans continue to evolve. Our bodies and brains are not the same as our ancestors’ were—or as our descendants’ will be (by Peter Ward)

16,300,000 Conjectures

Question: are we evolving or devolving? *Hopefully, this blog will help you decide for yourself.*

Most articles will try to convince you that we are destined to evolve into super-humans through the agency of natural selection, beneficial mutations and the intervention of technological man. A greater quality of life is assured.

Basically it appears that the consensus of humanistic speculation on the future of the human race is optimistic. However this utopia may require the enactment of a globally sanctioned policy which mandates the control of human evolution by manipulating the fitness of the population.
Regulation is a common theme among these evolutionary scenarios as it is believed that it may be necessary to advance a globally blended genome of “Unihumans”. Uhm… sound familiar?

Eugenics again!
Ø Forced Sterilization
Ø Elimination of the “unfit”
Ø Racism
Ø Population Control

Other writers envision the following in the near future:
“Numans” (genetically enhanced people)
“Cyborgs” (human /machine hybrids)
“Astrans” (genetically optimized for interstellar

Scientists: Humans and machines will merge in future
(London CNN 7/2008)

The end result would be a new form of “posthuman” life with beings that possess qualities and skills so exceedingly advanced they no longer can be classified simply as humans.


What follows in this briefing is a revelation of the inevitable future trend of the human race if left solely to its own natural consequences. This is not based on a prognostication of future visions.
Based upon:
· The reality of accurate historical biblical data
· Current state of the art empirical genetic research.
· Physical Laws of science having no exceptions since “Day1” on Earth.

A person can not hope to predict the future unless he first acquires an accurate knowledge of the past. WHY? The future is simply an extrapolation of the past.

Many scientists have established for all practical purposes the impossibility of the spontaneous generation of life from ‘dirt’. It is now only reasonable to conclude that life is solely the product of creation by God. In fact, God has graciously left us a historical record of life right from the beginning therefore the idea of “prehistoric history” or “prehistoric man” is a myth. #1

Mankind has been privileged to have in their position a unique document which reveals the “What”, “Why” and “Whens” of the origin of life. This unique document is called “The Word of God” and is commonly known as the Bible. It is a gift to mankind by Jesus Christ Himself Who is the Living Word and the first cause of all information.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was
with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1 (NAS)

Without this document to tell us just what happened in the beginning and to preserve an accurate outline of ancient history, all of us would remain in darkness without reasonable answers to satisfy our God given intellect.

It is the intention of this briefing to assure you that:


Now lets look at what the Bible record assures us concerning the actual history of man from the very beginning. The historicity of the Bible is directly related to the issues of creation, science, age of the Earth and the future of mankind.

In the day that you no longer trust Me and decide
to act solely according to your own reasoning –
you will surely die. Genesis 2:17

The translation of the original text literally states “in dying you shall die”. Man was never created to die or live apart from God. The image of God which man possessed at creation was His Eternal Spirit.

“the breath of God”. Genesis 2: 7

The loss of the image of God is revealed as the first death (spiritual death). Consequently, the second death through physical deterioration was inevitable. In light of this revelation, it is not difficult to comprehend that prior to the worldwide Noahic flood mankind enjoyed a long life span in excess of 900 years.

From our 21st century viewpoint this may seem to be fantasy but even 900 years is in reality a traumatic abbreviated lifespan when compared to God’s intent of Eternal Life.

Aging of the human body has always been a subject of intense scientific interest and scrutiny. Nevertheless, the phenomenon has remained a puzzle. Indeed we may wonder why pre-flood man only lived about 1000 years. It appears that normal living cells should divide and grow indefinitely with proper nourishment. However it has become obvious from modern research that cell division results in a reduction of quality and therefore is limited to a finite number of generations. But science has not made much progress in solving the fundamental cause of aging which is now understood to be directly related to genetic factors. This research is not widely disseminated but is growing through the acceleration of knowledge in our current Information Age.

In the last days, many will travel back and forth,
and knowledge will increase. Daniel 12:4 (NAS)

Although life has remained difficult to define, we sense that life is much more than merely physical matter. Life is the unique consequence of intelligent information incorporated within nearly every cell of an organism.

Mankind has always wanted to know from what source did all this apparently miraculous information originate? From ‘Day One’ he has picked up a seed and scratched his head! He knows that the information passes from one generation to another. Corn yields similar corn. A maple tree seed somehow produces another maple tree. This is indeed the mystery of the genome. Darwin knew nothing of the software of life and now, 150 years later, neither can science demonstrate the origin of information.#2

What then do we know? When man became disconnected from God’s Eternal Life, the genetic systems which assured perfect replication of the genetic code apparently no longer function properly. Currently the relentless accumulation of genetic defects with each successive generation is commonly acknowledged by the scientific and medical community.

Thus the degradation of the human genome has plagued mankind from the fall of man shortly after creation. This condition can also be inferred from the record of historical longevity which is recorded in the Bible. A record of longevity and year of birth from creation is listed for the biblical patriarchs. Above is the author’s plot of the biblical data. The data is from the Hebrew Masoretic text. and is also published in “The Chronology of the Old Testament”. #3

Prior to the flood life spans commonly ranged between 900 and 1000 years. Lamech who lived only 777 years appears to be an exception. The Bible is silent about the cause of Lamech’s death. Perhaps he died prematurely from an accident. It can also be determined from scripture that the year of the world wide flood of Noah was 1656 years after creation. It is not fortuitous that this historical chronology of all the biblical patriarchs is actually consistent with the conclusions of modern genetic research which will be summarized in this briefing.

Effect Of The Flood

Now observe the author’s plot of the biblical data.

The chart represents the plot of longevity against years after creation at the midpoint of each person’s life span. The characteristic post-flood decline is obvious. It starts from the average longevity of the pre-flood patriarchs which is about 940 years. Note that the initial best fit to the data is linear. The straight line indicates a very rapid loss of lifespan immediately after the flood for the first three generations whose longevity quickly declined to about 410 years. (Arpachshad, Shelah, & Eber)

The next three generations experienced an even faster decline, losing another 200 years of longevity. This is plotted as a near vertical line for Peleg, Reu and Serug.

No specific cause for this drastic loss of about 700 years of life span is indicated in the Bible. But the primary factors involved may be inferred from the biblical account of the global flood, clues gleaned from geological studies and our knowledge of genetics. The two major factors are apparently due to:

  1. Major environmental changes which were directly induced by the cataclysmic world wide flood.
  2. Significant loss of genetic variety in the human genome.

Note that the pre-flood Patriarchs did not experience a continuous exponential decline in longevity even though their generations span about 1600 years. Apparently, the pre-flood environment was more conducive to longer life spans without causing any significant further reductions in longevity. Geologists can reasonably infer from examination of the sedimentary rocks that there were differences in the pre-flood flora, fauna and environment from present conditions.

It is also possible that the pre-flood atmosphere had a greater sea level pressure and more uniform temperature worldwide. A reduction in atmospheric pressure after the flood would affect the ability of the body to absorb oxygen into the blood stream. Pilots who fly aircraft at high altitude know that breathing 100% oxygen may be insufficient to prevent loss of consciousness due to hypoxia (oxygen deficiency). The reduced air pressure at high altitude is not sufficient to force O2 molecules through the lungs for distribution into the blood circulatory system. Today hyperbaric chambers are routinely used at medical centers to promote rapid healing of injured tissue by enclosing a patient in a high pressure chamber.

Additionally, the post-flood atmosphere may no longer provide the protection from harmful ultra violet light afforded to the pre-flood inhabitants.

Consider also that the nutritional value of food supplies may have been inhibited for similar environmental reasons. Fossil plants of the pre-flood era grew to enormous sizes. Studies have shown that the carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere can have a major effect on the growth of plants. Perhaps this is the reason why God gave permission to the flood survivors, Noah and his family, to eat meat (Gen 9:3). Apparently post-flood man now requires more protein in his diet due to environmental changes.

It is possible that the initial loss of longevity of about 500 years may be due to the degradation of the ideal pre-flood environment. However, an additional but more rapid decline in longevity follows on the graph. This may have been caused by the loss of genetic variety (traits) that was previously available in the human gene pool. The variety of potential physical traits which are available through sexual reproduction is astronomical. Nevertheless when the human population was reduced from an estimated one billion+ pre-flood inhabitants to eight, the gene pool available to the future post-flood population was greatly reduced.
Perhaps an additional adverse effect appears to manifest by the loss of another 200 years of longevity to the birth of Peleg, the fourth generation after Shem. (vertical line on chart) Noah’s son Shem was born prior to the flood, therefore his genes were the product of the much greater pre-flood population. The loss from Eber to his son Peleg is so dramatic that as a result Eber actually outlived his son Peleg. (Fig 5)

When the human population was reduced to just eight persons, essentially overnight, the effect upon the genome is known as a “Genetic Bottleneck”. The condition occurs as a result of a significant population loss either from death or isolation.

But when a population is diminished, the variety of combinations available to the genes is likewise reduced and thus the remaining population is more prone to the negative effects of mutations.

So again, the extremely rapid linear decline in longevity after the flood could likely be caused initially by major adverse environmental changes. Then after several generations, declining longevity is also compounded by the reduction in the variety of traits available to the remaining gene pool which is imposed by a population bottleneck.

Effect of Isolated Populations

The third segment of the graph (Fig 3) does indeed represent a smooth decline in human longevity. The relatively uniform curved line starts with the patriarch Serug. The slope of this line indicates an initial faster decline with longevity “settling” into a slow continuous reduction to present day conditions at about the time of the patriarch Joseph. The bible indicates that the earth was divided at some time during Peleg’s lifetime (Gen 10:25). The prevailing interpretation of this scripture by both Jewish and church historians conclude that this reference is to the dispersion of the post-flood population at Babel.

Peleg lived for 239 years thus the exact date of the dispersion at Babel could be anytime during this timeframe. Jones#1 cites a reference to a historian (c. 250BC) who wrote that this occurred when Peleg was five years old. In any case it is apparent that another somewhat rapid loss of life span took place several generations after Peleg starting with Nahor. The rate appears to have stabilized to a consistent slow decline after the patriarch Joseph.

Again we are faced with the cause of this accelerated loss of longevity after Serug. The most probable cause was due to the imposition of a second genetic bottleneck. The confusion of languages at Babel had the effect of forcing the post flood population of dividing into small independent groups which scattered around the earth. The descendants of these isolated groups would again be subject to coping with another reduction of the gene pool for each group.

Current State of the Human Genome

The Genetic Problem

This security briefing has now set the stage for understanding where mankind is going. Indeed this is of interest to everyone. The last patriarch listed in the Bible is Joseph. He lived for 110 years. As you can discern, human development has not been in a constant evolutionary state of becoming more robust. The last segment of the Longevity Graph (Fig 3) shows a continuous decline to an assumed life span of about seventy years at 4000 years after creation. Furthermore longevity is still waning! To be sure a few people have been known to live recently to as much as 120 years but these are very exceptional. The sad fact is that without the intervention of modern medical technology which most people of this planet do not have at their disposal, life expectancy has dwindled to a mere 40 ± years by the early 19th century in eastern Europe and developing countries.#4 Thus if the plot was extended to present it would further decrease to about 40 years because this is the average life expectancy in countries where sickness and disease take its “natural” course when modern medicine in not available to intervene. This state of affairs is primarily due to the relentless ongoing accumulation of genetic mutations in the human genome and the inability of our cells to duplicate perfectly indefinitely.

Notwithstanding the adverse influence of environmental and genetic bottlenecks, it is apparent that the quality of life as related to mankind’s life span is in a continuous state of decline. The biblical data is consistent with the concept of genomic deterioration which will be elaborated in this section. This situation is, of course, completely contrary to the foundation upon which evolutionary theory is upheld. Accordingly, a corresponding evolutionary longevity plot should be ascending over time.

The deterioration of the human genome is well documented in the scientific community and widely acknowledged by geneticists for the last fifty years.

Unfortunately, the general public is not aware of these implications.

Below are merely a few examples, among many:

R.A. Fisher, an evolutionary biologists and geneticists;
…a beneficial mutation will have only a small chance of
establishing itself in a population of species and is likely
to disappear. #5

Dr. Lee Spetner calculated the chance of survival of a
Beneficial mutation to be infinitesimal and, in fact,
impossible. #6

J.F. Crow shows that population fitness is declining
because mutations are accumulating. #7

Dr. J.C. Sanford states “regardless of how we analyze
it, the genome must clearly degenerate. This problem
overrides all hope for the forward evolution of the whole
genome”. #8

Contemporary evolutionists have never moved from their imaginary contention that the enormous marvelous information content of the human genome is the result of: random chance accumulation of mutations providing an outward physical benefit which is proliferated by natural selection.

In addition, it is confidently asserted that the process has been perpetually increasing in complexity and positive sophistication. Thus chemicals combined into microbes which eventually constructed the roughly 10 trillion cell complex mega-factory known as man. This seemingly simplistic principle is the absolute foundational bedrock upon which the entire evolutionary establishment of neo-Darwinian theory is built.

Because there exists no viable alternative for the spontaneous or continuous creation of any organism’s genome – the theory stands or falls on the validity of this principle.

Dr. John Sanford, a highly qualified geneticist researcher, labels this assertion as the “Primary Axiom” of evolution.

“If the Primary Axiom could be shown to be wrong,
it would mean that our current understanding of the
mystery of life is also wrong. This would justify a
paradigm shift of the highest magnitude, and would
allow us to completely re-evaluate many of the deeply
entrenched concepts which frame modern thinking”. #8

Dr. Sanford is the author of over 70 scientific publications. He has compiled substantial compelling genetic evidence which exposes the non-reality of the Primary Axiom. His conclusions are supported by the research of many geneticists and outstanding scientists.

Has modern science produced evidence to support the biblical history of declining longevity? The uncomfortable answer is assuredly “yes”.

Multiple disciplines of science and advanced technology of the Information Age point to the perpetual degeneration of the human genome.

Like every other system in this universe, the human genome has not escaped the established law of entropy. For decades microbiologists, chemists, geneticists and the medical profession at large have acknowledged that mutations have been accumulating in the genome with each generation of individuals. Sanford has aptly described this state of affairs as “Genetic Entropy”.

No amount of evolutionary rhetoric concerning theoretical beneficial mutations or natural selectivity can reverse this relentless trend. The absolute best that can be expected of natural selection is a slowing down of the regression, but no avenue exists for selection to halt it. This sobering conclusion, like the reality of death, is not necessarily good news whereas the human genome can not proliferate through reproduction indefinitely.

Think about this…

If the current process of accumulating mutations and natural selection has not been able to pre-serve the information content of the genome, then there is no reason to assume that naturalism could have created the original information package.

Not withstanding the intervention of modern medicine, who would claim that mutations are ultimately beneficial when the life expectancy of each successive generation is being reduced. Because this conclusion is disconcerting, it has been analyzed from many directions in hope of discovering a natural mechanism which would open a back door escape hatch. None is possible because inevitably mutations destroy information content of the genome.


This leaves the Primary Axiom, the foundation bed-rock of evolution, unsupported and completely falsified. A deteriorating genome can not be evolving but is losing ground by aging.

Is The Situation Hopeless?

The world’s popular media and scientific community at large strive to paint a picture of a world getting better. After all, everyone wants to believe that mankind is resourceful enough to eventually solve any and all problems. However the truth is that many competent scientists have pointed out that even human intervention, including artificial regulation of selection (eugenics), cloning or genetic engineering can not completely stop the loss of information. Thus… the human genome is time limited.

Progressive evolution is only a false hope. Science will undoubtedly prolong life somewhat in the near future but eventually the human genome will deteriorate to a critical state.

Fortunately, the Bible is clear as God has provided definite hope for everyone who will simply believe – trust in God’s eternal Word.

…there is no other name under heaven that has been given among men, by which we must be saved. Acts 4:12 (NAS)

God has never left man without abundant provision for safety, health and general prosperity. In the long run, even death and the grave will be defeated by Jesus Christ. He is the author of the human genome and life itself.

All things came into being by Him… in Him was life and the life was the light of men. John 1: 3,4 (NAS)

Each and every person who recognizes this truth and receives what God has already accomplished through Him, will be reconnected to Eternal Life. The truth is usually simple and there is therefore no need to be concerned.

Society in general will try to solve its ever increasing complex political and economic problems. But the Bible prophetically assures us that the world of self government will surely degrade to a despotic state of crisis, leading to impending self destruction. At that point intervention by Jesus Christ will set up a renewed kingdom whereby the degrading effects of genetic problems will be reversed. The longevity chart will reverse its direction and climb for all those who have called on His name! Man will again live long ages and the lion will lie with the lamb.

And the wolf will dwell with the lamb, And the leopard will lie down with the kid,
And the calf and the young lion and the fatling together Isaiah 11:6 (NAS)

For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth; and the former things
will not be remembered…

No longer will there be an infant who lives but a few days, Or an old man who
does not live out his days; For a youth will die at the age of one hundred.
Isaiah 65: 17, 20 (NAS)


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