Evolution VS Common Sense

Evolution vs Common Sense

The Life Sciences

A living cell is a universe of complexity and possesses a vast quantity in information

The life sciences deal with the biosphere which includes all organisms on the Earth. Those who have proposed an evolutionary origin and development of all life forms are required to produce scientific evidence in support of a naturalistic mechanism which is able to produce a functional cell from non living chemicals. Surely, with all our modern technologies we would expect to have by now an abundance of documented evidence to support the foundational stage of this theory. However, no such evidence which satisfies the long established criterion of the Scientific Method has yet surfaced.

On the other hand, what do we actually know about the “simplest” fully functional, self replicating cell? It is now common knowledge among scientists that there is no such fantasy as a “simple” cell. The building blocks of all plants and animals are acknowledged as being exceedingly complex. Even the most fundamental cell consists of hundreds of operational sub units which are all interdependent upon one another in order for the basic cell to start up and then keep running.

Neither chemists or microbiologists have been able to document a satisfactory mechanism by which the required biologic amino acids, proteins, and enzymes could be produced from the basic elements independently from the complex instructions and synthesis which takes place in the cell factory itself. Moreover, all the required organelles ( biologic sub-units) of a cell would have to originate spontaneously and at the same moment in time, at the same location, and then assemble themselves by an unknown mechanism into a multi-functional, magnificently complex self replicating cell.

The probability of this science fiction scenario occurring by accident has been seriously researched by some of the most respected scientists in the world. They include mathematicians, physicists, geologists and even astronomers. The common conclusion indicates a mathematical probability equivalent to ZERO.


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