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The current state of most Christian education programs, THOUGH WELL MEANING, teach Bible stories as just that—stories.

Although they may have a moral message, the problem is, for the most part, these “stories” are not properly related to the physical world around us. The Bible is, in fact, the history book of the universe but polls have shown that even many Christians currently perceive the Bible as being disconnected from the real world. Students are continuously indoctrinated by the attractive media of the world’s atheistic agenda which portrays the scriptures as no longer relevant because it proclaims that science has all the explanations for the origin of life and the universe.

Although recognizing scripture as important for Christian education and living, the church has strayed from giving the Bible its rightful place as the authority on all matters which it touches on—history, geology, astronomy, etc. The resources provided through this website will help you to connect the Bible to the real world with your students in a variety of situations: VBS, Sunday school, small groups, homeschool, and Christian school.

RESULT: Your students will learn to discern truth from error- education from indoctrination. When your curriculum relates biblical accounts to the factual world of science, they will recognize why the anti-god theories of evolution and humanism are unfounded and therefore will be more prone to reject them.

Providing Scientific Evidence Supporting The Biblical Record

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