Creation Talk Radio

Creation Talk Radio

The Importance of Re-Building the Christian Worldview Foundation

If you choose to be a regular sponsor of this ground breaking program, I will personally promote your ministry / business.

I NEED YOUR HELP TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT and provide exposure for your own business or ministry.

Our government, education and the scientific community at large has convinced millions of people that the Bible is no longer reliable or relevant in our “modern” society.

The false theories of biologic evolution and long ages of the Earth have undermined man’s link with God and has sent multitudes adrift believing they are in a cosmos without purpose. Are you aware that the latest detailed research indicates that about 70% of the 20 something age group have already left the church? WHY? Because the so-called facts of evolution are all they ever hear while the Church is relatively silent.

A huge disconnect has been taking place between the last several generations and their church experience.

Result- our once stable culture is crumbling.

New Creation Ministries, Inc will be starting a new phenomenon known as CREATION TALK RADIO. Our broadcasts on secular stations will be directed at DISMANTLING THE DECEPTION OF BIOLOGIC EVOLUTION and retrieving our youth back from the Darwinian indoctrination of public education.

THE PLAN: Start prime time broadcasting with 50,000 watts from KFNX, one of the largest signals of any Phoenix Radio Station reaching almost 5 million people throughout Arizona from Sedona to Tucson and Yuma. The show will also stream live nation-wide through the internet:

This definitely will not be your average talk show and only God knows how rapidly this will expand to become the equivalent of the “Rush Limbaugh” of Creation Talk Radio.

The information which Sal Giardina will present along with his guest scientists will cut like a laser through all the evolutionary non-science and demonstrate that scripture is, in fact, not refuted in any way by the true facts of science. Answers will be provided to questions regarding the fossil record, so-called evolution of man, age of the Earth, the Genesis account of creation and origin of life topics.

These are not “side” issues as they directly impact people’s perceptions of the integrity of God’s Word.

The Genesis record of creation stands, as Jesus Himself endorsed, as the foundation of the Gospel. (Luke 16:31)

Remember when the Lord told the apostles to say to the owner, “I have need of this donkey”?

Well today, He is saying through me… I have need of individuals, Christian Businessmen, and Ministries to sponsor this two-edged Sword of Truth. Pray about being a founder who is willing to undergird this electronic end-time media ministry, proclaiming the integrity of scripture.

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The Time Has Arrived

to use the broadcast and internet media to reach multitudes, exposing the World’s evolutionary anti-God agenda: Life simply has started from chemicals therefore there is no need for God.